Letter from the editor

Summer 2019 Edition  

Julie Adam

Julie Adam

Milestones allow us to reflect on goals accomplished and memories made. Sometimes, we just feel the need to pay homage to the passage of time and years. We’ve celebrated some big milestones recently in the J-School. Last year, we commemorated the 150th birth year of William Allen White. This year is the 75th anniversary of the naming of the school after White.

We’ll remember 2018 and 2019 as pivotal years in the history of the school. We paused to celebrate the careers of several professors who were committed to building the reputation of this institution and helping students find a path to success. With the retirements of Max Utsler, John Broholm, Jimmy Gentry and Barbara Barnett this spring and Susanne Shaw last year, we lose a century of knowledge and experience.

Yet, we continue to look forward. As you read this, another milestone is underway, renovations that will transform historic Stauffer-Flint Hall yet again.

Next academic year will mark the 50th anniversary of the first edition of the Jayhawk Journalist, and although I am still formulating ideas for that commemorative edition, I invite alumni to send me ideas. Perhaps you’d even like to write a story.

You are part of these stories of the J-School. If you haven’t been back for a while, or even if you have, next year will be a great time to return and see the new chapters taking shape.

Julie Adam
Editor, Jayhawk Journalist